FLAG modules on linux not visible

Hello, I don’t see modules from FLAG and that Stems, Opressor and Thorns both in the browser module and on the rack screen. After hovering over ‘blank space’ the information is displayed but the modules just aren’t visible :frowning: Both in the standalone version and in the VST version.

Manjaro linux, VCVRack Pro last version

Works fine for me on Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon (VCV Rack Free 2.4.1).

Fine on Ubuntu Studio too.

2 reinstalls and still same :frowning: only these modules. In Flags directory nothing missing. Maybe some NVidia issue :frowning:

edit: I found a mistake. The svg files of these 3 plugins start with an uppercase letter and the plugin looks for lowercase. Damn linux :slight_smile:

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Maybe retrofit the GFX card driver

Case sensitive problem :slight_smile:

‘Case sensitive problem :slight_smile:

I’m french,I don’t understand this phrase

3 consecutive replies…stop

Linux is the only supported platform for VCV where the case (capitals, lower case) matters when opening a file. So the poster is saying that the SVG name for the panel is typed in “wrong” for these modules. You can probably “fix” this by renaming the SVG files to that they load. Also, if you look at the VCV log output it will most likely say which files are not loading.

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So one of the guideline to develop modules is to lowercase the name of all the files in the module project directory…and in the code

That’s one way. As long as the code and the file agree it’s fine. If you are super diligent you can test that your modules work on linux.

Usually this causes build problems, but those are usually found before release into the library.