FLAG (free) Thorns (Multiband Saturation)

Hi Again,

Jonas here, I just released my third module for VCV Rack. It’s a Multi-Band Saturation Effect with simple controls.

The audio is split up in 8 bands, individually saturated, and then summed together.

The “tone” control changes where the split points are, making the high or lower bands “larger” thus more saturated.

The HQ control changes the internal oversampling settings. (higher oversampling, fancier filters)

Because of the oversampling (and to maintain decent performance) the module introduces a small delay, about 1ms.

Here are some examples of how it can sound on different material:




Drumloop (w. bass-line):

Hope you like it!



thank you, great addition :+1:

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Oh, nice! Thanks so much for this!

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Thanks Jonas, this sounds great!

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Excellent! :grinning:

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what a cool idea. That’s super clever with the tone control - I much prefer that to 8 separate finicky controls. btw - you’ve got plenty of room - why not attenuverters on all the CV inputs?

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Thanks for the kind words! Re attenuverters: Good idea… I was thinking what to do with all that space :slight_smile: I was considering adding a pre and post saturation… basically do as many non-linear things as possible when I have the audio up-sampled… but yeah attenuverters might be nice too…

Dude, this sounds awesome! Thanks for the module! :clap: :+1:

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Hi Squinky, in the latest version (1.2.1) I added attenuverters. Also made the tone-knob more detailed ( subtle change, you would only notice when you modulated tone very slowly )