FLAG (free) Tap Dancer (Multi-Tap Delay w. Modulation)

Hi Again,

Jonas here, I just released my second module for VCV Rack. It’s a Multi-Tap Delay with modulation for the taps.

Interesting features include:

  1. Most parameters have a cv-input
  2. Can be synced to an external clock
  3. Ducking on the output
  4. Ducking in the feedback path

Hope you like it!



I love it, had a little play with it this morning and it sounds fantastic!

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A great module, I had a play with it last night, a good nay a great sounding delay module. So many inputs this has, as Yoda would probably say if he had just used it!

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Here’s a video clip of what it sounds like (for anyone who would like to see/hear before downloading/installing)

Here’s a clip of applying Tap Dancer to a “chirp”

If you need a delay in your music you should try it out :slight_smile:

Thanks, Jonas

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Beautiful, sounds great!

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because of this module I have applied to ambient modular compilation mainly - so thank you for that! (it almost on everything especially on repeated slow attack leads)