FLAG (free) Prodigal Son (Band Limited Super-Saw Oscillator with Noise and Amplitude Envelope)

Hi Again,

“Prodigal Son” is a very Band-Limited Super-Saw Oscillator with Noise, “Chaos”-pitch-modulation, and a built-in Amplitude Envelope.

You could say it’s close to a full synth-voice in a module. Just add a filter.

The sound generation is cleaner than many oscillators out there. It’s band-limited to (adjustable) between 14kHz and 20kHz. It can play notes cleanly from 8Hz, all the way up the band-limit.

It accepts two polyphonic cv inputs. Gate and v/oct. The L and R outputs are also polyphonic and will output one voice in each channel.

The oscillators are laid out as one in the center and then hard-panned (L+R) pairs. The “#” parameter controls the number of side-pairs. So if it says “3” you have 1 center, and 3 on each side, so 7 in total.

  • The detune and mix parameters take inspiration from the classic jp8000.
  • “Chaos” is the low-pass-filtered white-noise that modulates the pitch of the oscillators.
  • “ADSR” are Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release of the amplitude of the voice.
  • The noise has it own Sustain value, expressed as a percentage of the main-voice.

Check it out here:

Hope you like it,



Yes, I do like it :+1:


It’s amazing piece of software synth Jonas, congratulations! For me it sounds more like TB303 on stereoids with super saw included :slight_smile: (Compared to the one from SquinkyLabs, which is more softly, but since they are both good in one patch, don’t clash each other) Can you consider to make an expander with all CV control for this oscillator? Since we can’t have Stoermelder’s mappings modules in v2 for some reasons. I think it can be useful especially with mix knob which is really doing some nice spatial stuff.


What a great addition. Instantly fell in love with its sound. I second @VCVRackIdeas suggestion that it would be great to have CV control over Detune, Mix, Note and maybe also the chaos and noise parameters.


Here’s a very rough and quick demo of how great it sounds to ever so slightly modulate the note parameter for an analog drift vibe and increasing the detune creates so much texture.


Also here is my example on how chaos effect in upper sequence can instantly get you into the RAVE state :wink:


That’s beautiful! (responding to the smooth-chords)

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Hi @VCVRackIdeas The new version “2.2.1” Adds CV-control for Detune, Mix, and Note. It also fixes the visualization in browser (and library). Check it out!


Here is a video showing some features and some sound examples.

I hope it can inspire someone to check it out!


Awesome tut n awesome module :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Nice video. Good to see my old friend “Saws” a lot :wink:


Saws is great! Its nice with the faithful jp8000 implementation to compare and contrast!

yes, and your saw generator does seem very well behaved in the top octave.


How do you get harmonics that high without aliasing? You aren’t doing the wavetable every octave thing, are you? (nerd alert).

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I have 12 tables per octave, so 1 for each semitone… and then a second trick for the lower part of the keyboard to not use unreasonably long tables

ah, that’s why the gaps seem so small - they are!

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I added some features and put together a video to explain them. Please check it out!


Thanks, this is already one of my favourite VCOs. @Squinky will love the new aliasing mode! :rofl:


I think when it came out came out I did check that, and I remember being impressed. The old lack of aliasing, I mean. Of course my ancient super saw had this control.

Just gave this another play. I really like the sound, look forward to spending more time with it!