FLAG (free) Oppressor (Multiband Ducker/Compressor)

Hi, thanks! For me Range is now working more likely as a mix control so we have a parallel kind of compression right now, which is still nice and gain limits are still ok with this module. thanks!

EDIT: all of this true when Sense is fully CW (24db), ranalyzer bogaudio confirms that. And it seems your module has a really nice shape curve just like an analog compressor, veeery cool!

EDIT2: wow - with full attack and shortest release it can do a really magic on the master buss when paired @_@. Instant cut of not needed boomines and instant snap.

Yeah, high attack time and low release time gives a nice density and punch… it makes me think I should make dedicated compressor/limiter… from this mode… anyways, thanks for the feedback!