FLAG Electric Ensemble - free chorus/distortion filter

A new plugin was released on the VCV Library two days ago. It’s tagged under Chorus, Effect, Distortion and Filter. Author is Nils Jonas Norberg. I couldn’t find other details nor I have it tried yet.


Yes, It’s a fairly straight-forward chorus / ensemble effect, it has 8 hard-panned “play-heads” with offset modulation to create a very thick sound. Will make a mono-saw sound more like a super-saw.


Hey @jnorberg, welcome to the forum. Would you rather make a proper announcement in the relative forum category (see here) since you’re the developer? Then I’d just delete this post. Thanks for your module.

I like it. Just put some drums through it and it can get nice and crunchy or act like a transient shaper/gate.

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Posted with short video here: FLAG (free) Electric Ensemble (8-voice Chorus)

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