FL Studio and Rack Pro: Some thoughts.

First, VCVRack Pro makes it abundantly clear that, as has been long suspected, FL Studios MIDI Clock is jittery as all hell. It’s functionally unusable and attempting to sync any kind of delay to the DAW clock with through the usage of the clock input in the midi->cv module completely breaks the plugin.

A functional workaround is to use a Clocked module and manually set it to the same BPM, then merge the Start and Stop outputs from midi-cv to one signal, and connect that cable to the “Start” input of Clocked.

This makes Clocked use its internal clock for BPM which is rock solid, and syncs the start/stop play button to the start/stop of Clocked. Pain in the ass, but functional.

Next thought: Patcher is an amazing completment to VCV Rack, allowing you to fully utilize the 16 ins and outs of the plugin for individual processing / recording in your DAW:

It also allows you to create functional overlays/layouts for any “complete synth” patches you create in VCVRack, making it super nifty for bascially creating your own synths, complete with a usable layout and preset saving.

VCVRack also gives FL Studio a feature it hasn’t really easily had access to before: feedback. With VCVRack, you can finally create interesting and musical feedback loops to use as send channels. Super useful!

Finally, the VCVRack Host plugin is ridiculously powerful now that it allows DAW integration. You can basically use VCVRack to “extend” your favourite FX units with interesting modulation options like tempo-synced LFOs and what have you. It blows all of those “Effect Rack”-style plugins way out of the water.

What have you found and discovered?


As for me, the FL clock in unusable in it’s own current state. In Song and Pattern mode, I see that the “STRT” output from the MIDI > CV triggers every beat. This is pure esoterism… Even with your solution (realy good workaround by the way !) it didn’t work properly because of the previous issue.

Otherwise, from my utilisation of the VST in FL as for now, it’s very stable and works well (aside from the clock of course).

EDIT : a workaround has been found, I totally forgot that you can change the clock mode in “CLOCKED”.

So by switching it to P24 (with the dedicated buttons “mode -/+”) and by changing the “CLK/N” of the MIDI > CV to 24 PPQN" it works perfectly ! (and starts automatically when I press play, even without patching the “STRT” output).

Please let me know if it works well for you too !


changing the “CLK/N” of the MIDI > CV to 24 PPQN" was the last piece of the puzzle for me. Now VCV and FL in sync and behaving themselves. Many Thanks from Trikitiki

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Thanks for this:-)

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Anyone had luck to get FL studio step sequencer notes to trigger VCV rack 2 in vst mode. I have problem with all available midi modules that they leave gate open after note is triggered from step sequencer. If i edit notes on piano roll then they will work as normal, but not with step sequencer.

Its mildly annoying if i just want to trigger drums etc without opening piano roll mode and extend notes.

Try the retrig output