First songs in VCV rack

Just getting my feet wet with VCV, I’m in awe of all of the effort in the modules. This is my first attempt at a piece, having a ton of fun so far. Its entirely composed in VCV:


Nice one!

Second attempt at a song entirely in VCV. Heavily relies on the I Love Cookies sequencer. I was trying to make something vaguely related to Terry Riley’s “In C” in terms of the progression of little fragments (check this out if you are unfamiliar with “In C”:

The patch for it:

interesting, well done :+1:

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Bon patch :gem::slightly_smiling_face:

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I hadn’t used the Psi Op before, that was fun…I think I have a few more months of just exploring all the modules out there.


This one, a cover of Girl From Ipanema, I mainly tried to get more fluid with the Entrian Timeline sequencer. Oscillators included Bog’s FM-OP, macro oscillator 2, Black Wavetable VCO, Vult’s Basal, with effects from Plateau, Squinky Labs’ Formants, and Alright Devices’ Chronoblob2.


This track showcases some of the ZetaCarinae modules, as well as many others. I believe all of the modules used are free, here is the patch: ZetaCarinaeDemo.vcv (62.6 KB)

A new version (1.1.15) of my modules has been submitted to the library but none of the changes should break this patch (the IOU module is now smaller).


Another spooky-ish seasonal track. I like running the Additator into the Weeble Warbler.


haven’t listened yet but kudos for the cover art! I really like the ones featuring old illustrations.

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The highlight of this sludgy doom synth piece is a droning noisy arpeggio made in VCV Rack. The saw lead was made on the Deluge. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of sound design in VCV and importing that into the Deluge, which I find easier to use to make finished, structured tracks.

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I often sit with guitar in hand while reading forums. I had a fun time playing along to your 1st post. Nice piece. I hadn’t yet listen to your others.

I am super intrigued about the patch of the cover. Did you shared it somewhere? Do you mind sharing it?

I really vibe with your jazzy patches!

Do you mean the Girl From Ipanema cover? It uses some commercial modules, and one external plugin (although I don’t think that was doing much). I’d probably do it very differently if I tried to make it now. Ipanema.vcv (292.7 KB)

Yes I had the Girl of Ipanema cover in mind. Thank you for sharing a bit of the patch. This song and Rotator really fell in a sonority that I like, personally. I will look at the different plugins. I would be interested to know of differently would be doing it with the experience now? I find it always intriguing to look at past work and evaluate how different our present approach have changed.

By the way Hexapiano and Quartic are also super nice on your bandcamp and every cover picture for your tracks is beautiful. Bref, nice discovery :slight_smile:

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