first post / hidpi question

Hi there, this is my first post to this forum!! :slight_smile:

this is a wonderful software and i m happy digging deeper into it in the last months.

now i switched laptops and got a hidpi screen and run into some trouble.

i run linux (manjaro and ubuntu) and the rack itself i can zoom in and it works well. Problem is the task bar and the new modules are super small and not usable… is there a hidpi mode or some workaround for this? thank you and cheers!!

On windows and macos there is a scaling mode for high dpi screens. So OS should take care of this. But in the meantime you could use the Module Browser from Ben which allows you to zoom in

oops i think i got it! in xfce it was almost impossible to get the screen configured right with some software. switched to cinnamon and works great!

Like this here:

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