First Analog : Behringer Neutron vs Moog mother 32

Hey guys ! I’d like to get one of these 2 semi modular synths because i really think my setup lacks some analog yet.
I’m not really sure which one would be better for me so i’d like advice. So far here are the pros i have for each instrument:

Neutron :

  • Paraphonic
  • Integrated Delay
  • More waveforms

Mother 32 :

  • i like the size and the aspect better
  • Classic Moog sound in that little box :smiley:
  • nice sequencer

So yeah, i can’t really decide for myself… i’ve always dreamed of a Moog, but the Behringer also seems ‘‘great bang for the bucks’’
What do guys think ? i know some of you have them, what do you like most about them ?

Any help will be welcome :wink:


I vote for Moog, cuz i had it & loved it for it’s rich sound. Neutron is packed with much more features, but it hasn’t such character.

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Yes, i think the sound of the Moog is really rich too. Anyway i still have much time to decide (money, room, etc… :laughing:)
But the Moog might be slightly my favourite of the two.

save a little more money and get them both, the Neutron is not really expensive, and maybe you can get them both used, that might fit the bill

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Well, I was also not sure at first between the two… What made me go for the Neutron, besides that it’s cheaper, is that I didn’t want to use the sequencer on the Mother, and the Neutron has a few more tricks up its sleeve like 2 VCAs, Delay (which is dirty and takes the high end out a bit), portamento, s&h, and a few more things. I never heard the Mother other than in videos so I cannot say if it sounds better, but I like the Neutron and how it sounds. That said, it does have some weird things the Neutron, and there are some horror stories in the Facebook groups of people who had to send theirs back a few time because it didn’t work right. I don’t like also the fact that there are no fine tune knobs, and that the tune knobs are so big and really hard to tune. If I had to make this decision again, I would get neither and go directly for the O Coast. It’s sooo good… But maybe it’s not what you’re looking for.
Anyway, sorry for writing so much… Maybe the best advice is to really buy both, I don’t know. Let me know if there is something else you want to know about the Neutron, I’ve been using it for a while now, also in the case, and I would love to help you out. Cheers!

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Thank you so much Omri :slight_smile:
I guess i need to choose if i prefer the additional fonctions of the Neutron or the amazing Moog sound that i love. :slight_smile:

Thank for your help ! I’ll ask if i want to know anything.
Btw, if you want to ask about the Microfreak i’m here :wink:

i don’t really have any intention to get any hardware synth stuff (outside of controllers) but i am curious as to how much difference there is in sound between something like the Neutron and VCVrack. Is it night and day? Like, a hardware oscilator is just 1000 times obviously better or is it a more subtle thing?

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In video, you might not hear the difference. But between headphones plugged in rack or plugged in an analog, there is really a difference.

A ‘‘real’’ square wave will sound much richer on the analog :slight_smile:

Although let’s be honest, Rack has some of the best virtual analog oscillators i’ve heard IMO.

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I went with the Moog because I always wanted a Moog so the choice was easy.

So far I’m happy. It’s well built, looks inspiring and sounds like a Moog.
I’m still a noob with it so can’t comment too much, it certainly isn’t plug and play, like any instrument you have to spend many hours with it to unearth its hidden soul and subtleties. Of course it sounds great through a good reverb for those bread and butter sounds we all have grown to love.

Good luck choosing, it’s all about what works for you that matters.


which vco’s have you tried in VCV? I always wonder how well Woldemar holds up. That and Bleak are what I go to for older sounding sounds.

I love Bleak too. Also, you can often find some EvenVco in my patches :slight_smile: . It has a very good sound for me !

If you want the Moog sound in vcv I’d recommend lindenberg woldemar and Alma filter. I can’t tell the difference with my subphatty… But if you’re the kind of person who want the Moog sound, I think you will not be happy unless you got a Moog :slight_smile:
What bothers me about the mother 32 is just one osc… The subtle phasing between 2osc is really mendatory to got the Moog sound imo

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oh thanks for the tip, will try :wink:

Yes, i agree with that too, although everything i’ve heard with the m32 i really love it.
Some guy from my local store told me i could try their m32 if i wanted, so i guess i’ll get there sometime soon and give it a try :slight_smile:

I loooove my Mother! And, yeah, her too :wink:

Sometimes I just switch it on with a gentle filter swipe and some reverb in Mainstage and let it hum. Two or three times I just slept away in my office chair listening to the hum.

So with this entirely objetive test I leave you alone :wink:

More realistic: Love the sound, don’t like the sequencer. Love playing it with Midi (okok, randomized notes). Soundwise the neutron should be much more flexible.

Maybe I should go and learn more about the sequencer. It is not that intuitive from my point of view. Have to look up something all the time :wink:

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thanks for the tip about woldemort - sounds really nice. Never did very much with this VCO - yet :wink:

Hi Valentin

Before you commit, I would take a very hard look at the Dreadbox Erebus 3 (3 oscillators!). If you like its sound (I love it) I think it’ll make you a happy man :wink: Dreadbox makes fantastic synths, but I feel that this one has that extra special magic. The sound could be described (but listen for yourself) as kinda Moog with something extra, bit more grit.

The original Erebus review, where he brings out more of the sweetnes I think:

The music to this video features the Dreadbox Erebus v3 for all sounds with the only exception being the drum track. Some external reverb and modulation effects were used on some of the patches. I think it’s a fantastic piece, try and listen to it really loud:


Thanks ! looks very interesting, i’ll check all of this too :slight_smile:

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For a while Thonk had a lil Erebus (I think) up for sale for £155. It fueled fantasies of a small eurorack where the sound came from hardware an the control was all either a Beatstep pro or VCVrack.
Just checked and it’s out of stock:
Check the video preview, it sounds pretty nice.