Fine tune active midi knob using a modifier key

Is it possible to turn a midi knob, and while turning it holding command or shift to have fine control, the same as when using the mouse to turn a knob?

im using a ton of coarse/fine modules and its taking up too many midi knobs on my controller, would love to only need coarse, and then use a shift key

Geeat idea. That would have to be a feature of the module that is mapping Midi to a parameter. It would work only when the mouse is over the mapping module, because keys only go to the module under the cursor.

You didn’t mention which module you’re using. Many module authors take feature requests via email or their repo.

Stoermelder Stroke manages to read keystrokes regardless of mouse whereabouts.


Oooh, I’ll need to look into how that’s done :slight_smile:

I made an attempt at patching a single 7 bit midi knob to a coarse, fine control - toggled with spacebar.

one_knob_cv_pickup.vcvs (14.3 KB) [File … Import Selection]

  1. Turn KNOBS (representing a 127 value external midi controller) on the left to see “uMAP” on the right change from 0 to 10 V.
  2. Hold spacebar, and turn the knob (now “fine” some more - the value should change at a 10% rate.
  3. let go of space bar, turn the KNOB, and watch the values change again, when the control (now “coarse”) picks up it’s value from before.

I have a hunch this can be done easier with other modules, or maybe a bit of scripting in one of the prototyping modules.

soft takeover granularity has not seen it’s final adjustment - change “A=B tolerance” in the right click menu of the Lilac comparators (Is set to 0.015 now).

BTW: on the Korg Minilogue XD, the “soft pickup/takeover” is called “catch” (but it’s not for coarse/fine control in particular) - maybe there’s a more common way of imlementing a single knob coarse/fine parameter control.

I’m using stoermelder midi cat. My controller is novation launch control XL. i have the knobs organized into columns for each voice control. for example the top row of knobs is all coarse pitch control, and the next row down is all fine pitch control, the final row of knobs is select waveform. each vertical column of three knobs is controlling a separate oscillator module.

@stoermelder do you think adding this functionality in the future is possible?