Finding a polysynth

After some 25 years with softsynths I´ve decided to invest in a hardware-based one. It has been very interesting researching which feature to get and I think I´ve found mine now. But I thought it would be fun hearing what features those of you with hw experience here value.

Here are my preferred features:

  • 2+ DCO-like oscillators, 6 voices minimum
  • Analog filter/amp
  • 2+ LFOs and 2+ envelopes
  • Modulation matrix
  • Stereo effects
  • Knobs and sliders for control (with little to none menu)


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That was one of those I looked at and very capable. But I decided to go for something else (not yet released) :slight_smile:

UDO super 6




Sequential Pro3 ?

That would definitely be my second synth but nothing I can afford in addition.

Beside guessing any features thats a must in hw?

I think you wrote what I would like to have in a poly as well, 6 voices are fine, 12 are better :crazy_face:

I don’t think I will look for more than 1 LFO per voice or more than 1 ENV per voice, but the mod matrix usually is very useful and simple, and (good) internal fx are cool because they are syncable without external gear/cables ecc…if they are crap…it’s just a shame…

I also hate menu diving, I will never buy a synth with few knobs and big menu!

p.s. for me a poly MUST have a 5 octaves keyboard (I don’t know if I would buy a 4 octaves…maybe…otherwise I could go for a rack version…), good quality keybed for sure, and aftertouch of course!

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The Deepmind 6/12 are meant to be good starter polysynths for a reasonable price, but there are certainly varied reviews online (cheap, capable; high noise, menu diving…)

UDO super 6 is nice to play and very different with its entirely stereo signal path

Not sure about the Hydrasynth as I’ve never played one

The novation peak/summit are meant to be quite good too, I’ve heard many good things about them, but I’m not sure how they line up in terms of specs/price

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