Filter with LFO

Does anyone know of a filter module with built-in LFO modulation?

Nozoid has three VCF with built in mods…

These look promising

Not sure what you want exactly, so hope these work.

On the first one, the wheel labelled Mod modulates amplitude, the wheel labelled Mod 1 modulates frequency, Mod 2 does something higher order maybe just a combo of amp and freq or maybe something exponential. Q just changes the amplitude statically.

Have fun!

I just want to apply subtle LFo to Freq. Can obviously do it with two modules but looking to streamline the setup and potentially lower cpu usage. I have a filter on like ten channels with ten addtional LFOs modulating their frequencies.

Perhaps there is a module that has multiple filters with multiple LFOs?

Next level

yeah, multiple filters with multiple LFOs, I would guess would save 0.5% cpu usage while having the advantage of being distinctly non modular :stuck_out_tongue:

RJ Modules has a filter bank with 10 i/o

There are two lfo banks with 12 outputs

Then you would need ten carrier freq. Are these 10 channels of a polyphonic signal?

If you can make do with 8, there is Indra’s Net which lets you modulate freq and output 8 signals

I can do with 8.

Not polyphony. 8 drum tracks. Individual filter on each hit. Kick, snare, hats, etc…

Thanks this is all very helpful.