Filter question and feature request

A proper key controlled synth needs a note tracking filter. How would I go about doing note tracking with VCV Rack 2 filters? Maybe one of the developers could create a VCV Rack filter with note tracking built in.

They can all do it. Send the note CV to the filter cutoff input.

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What’s the way to attenuate it then if you modulate the CV with other things at the same time such as LFO modulation, though? If you have a seperate input for keyboard tracking it simplifies things a lot.

… Just use a mixer to combine LFO and Keytracking-CV and you are fine …

Cheers, dDom


some logic modules with ADD will help there too,
and mixers make it possible to have an envelope,
a LFO and keytracking (…and more …) at the same time modulate the cutoff

I’d love to see a patch with such features. I’ve made some attempts in that direction, but my efforts have always produced inelegant &/or ineffective solutions. My thanks to anyone willing to share something more successful.

No, that is not how one would do it in modular. “Dedicated” input - bad idea. Is the problem that the VCF you are using only has one input, and you don’t like using an external mixer? Just use a filter that has more inputs.

Deleted. linking a rack 1 video might confuse things. Mostly valid for rack 2, and worth a watch.

Rack 1.1.6 video

Roland's Juno in VCV | Tutorial - YouTube
jump to 32:00 for key tracking filter cutoff

Jakub used the VCV Unity module in his patch, It’s available in 2.0, but only after tweaking.

VCV VCA-2 module not updated to 2.0+ - #2 by contemporaryinsanity

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VCV 1.x modules were super good. But they were like the only modules that didn’t have enough inputs or attenuverters. Seems the 2.x ones fixed that.