Filter Becomes Delay Unit?!?

I discovered something weird. A comb filter can act like a delay unit. I suppose this is old news to you seasoned veterans.

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It’s cool to discover how your favorite effects work :wink:
Actually many effects we use and love are “built” using delays
Reverb can be made with big feedback delays
Chorus is a very fast rate delay
Flanger is something with delays too but i never truly understand :sweat_smile:
Aaaaand Comb filter makes delayed signals that “clash” and phase with each other :smiley:
First thing i tried doing upon learning this was create my own effects with delays in Vcv and sunvox :smile:
Have fun too if you plan to try :blush:


Hi Jon!
Well, a comb filter IS actually a delay. Some of the frequencies of the delayed signals will cancel one another and you will get attenuation in the shape of a comb so that’s why it’s called comb filter. It can get quite psychedelic also, I love it :slight_smile: