Feedback/Recursion ideas?

Hello all! Ive been playing with some video synthesis stuff with touch designer a bit lately… and have been learning that much of the coolest effects happen with feedback loops and recursive processing.

The fairly new terminal from minimal friction and some of the venom modules play with the recursion concept.

All that to say: Im very curious what ideas people have come up with to utilize recursion in a modular/musical way.

Maybe ill rope @DaveVenom and @ab9st8 in.

There is a huge difference between recursion and feedback!

Recursion is well controlled, with a well defined exit point from the recursion. But feedback can very easily spin totally out of control if you are not careful.

Here are a couple of my favorite vids demonstrating some techniques with Venom Recurse.


I went through a phase of making feedback patches last year, using an old 4-track to route the output back to the input, then processing the feedback with different filters and effects. One interesting idea was using the Bogaudio EQ, you can right click and enter a precise frequency for each band so I set it to a minor scale, and when you modulate the bands it makes slightly wonky random chords. To be honest, I ended up with gigs of samples that I haven’t really used yet, and moved on to other dubious ideas. I made a short video on the process here:

Also this piece used some of the samples, with feedback from a few Chronoblob modules too:

I tried the Venom recursion module, but I mainly patch guitar effects and it didn’t seem to work too well for that. I should probably look at it again…

Actually one more, sorry to keep spammimg my content but this one’s purely on feedback for effects. I’m using Cardinal but it’s just a different version of VCV: