Feedback on Squinktronix Phase Patterns testing

Small update: Where is a new test version of Phase Patterns? I’ve been working on it. It’s actually been super difficult for me to get it to work with all possible CV inputs. I’ve had to go back to the drawing board many times. Now I’ve completed the fifth total re-write, and it’s getting ready for a final test. The version that’s up now is at least feature complete, and it has a lot more (a ton more?) features than the initial test. But a new one will be up soon, so no reason to got fetch the current test.

Of the three modules I’m testing ATM, I have gotten the least feedback on Phase Patterns. Which is understandable, as it’s the most unfinished and perhaps appears to be pretty basic.

I would encourage ppl to test this, and propose some features to make it cooler.

If you haven’t tried it, It’s pretty fun to just put it up and use the “RIB” (Steve Reich in a Box) feature. It’s super easy to use, and I think pretty fun. If limited ATM.

All three new modules can be downloaded and tested by brave people here: Releases · squinkylabs/SqHarmony · GitHub

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I set up a test patch for Phase Patterns and set up two instances with voices to play with. My first suggestion is that we would probably need a reset inport so that we could force the two clock streams into sync when and if we want.

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(Edit: Pressed the submit button too early. Whoops.)

  1. Maybe make the Shift dial twice as big to make finer control of the shift value easier?
  2. If I drag the Shift dial so the value goes “below zero” and let go, the numbers in the display get weird.

Did some testing by sending clock pulses from an Impromptu Clocked into CkIn with changes in Shift value via CV from a Seq-3. Phase Patterns tracks tempo changes really well:

phpa1.vcv (1.8 KB)


Further edit: Using the “original” and “phased” clock to affect the clock syncs of multiple delay effects is fun.

Would resetting the Shift value to 0 do that? Not sure if that’s what you mean?

My comments so far: I think it would be nice to be able to input the shift value as a fraction, integer nominator over denominator style (internally calculated to a high precision). (I know I can right click the button, and enter an “expression”, “1/33” for example, but next time I right click the knob to change it, I’m presented with useless 0.030303, and I probably can’t remember I wanted 1/33 :slight_smile: - and maybe wanted to change it to 2/65 or 1/31.)

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Just another little test patch.

phpab.vcv (3.6 KB)

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I’m not sure. I am imagining reset forcing the two (for example) clocks into phase. I don’t seem to be able to do that via Shift.

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I agree.

yes, excellent suggestion.

shift going crazy below zero - sounds like a bug. make the dial bigger? let’s wait and see what’s in the next version. Perhaps, but for such a simple module I don’t want to make it enormous :wink: will see…

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Tx everyone for the feedback! between this and some PMs I expect some changes for the next version.


Has anyone tried out the new version? It’s quite a bit different.

Ugh, still one bug that loses a clock every now and then when the delay is decreasing. Think I just fixed it.