Feedback on my plugin before submission


I have created a simple Euclidean pattern generator that matches a hardware version I built. I would like to submit it to the library. I am sure I am missing stuff. I developed it on a Linux machine. I am unsure if I need to do anything for the other operating systems? I created a github repo from my plugin directory here: GitHub - OpenSourceModular/OSM: OpenSourceModular VCV Rack

I updated the json file, but I have not created a user’s manual. It is pretty self explanatory except for one twist.

Am I missing anything? I don’t want to waste the librarian’s time if I am missing basic stuff. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



Your plugin compiles successfully against all supported platforms using the Rack Plugin Toolchain. I only rested runtime on GNU/Linux and everything worked.

The only problem is that you currently have DEBUG_PRINT set to `, which prints out debug messages at module runtime. Please disable before submitting.

I also would add any applicable (and valid) module tags in the plugin.json and create a basic manual in form of a file in your repo. Also, add a module description in the plugin.json.

EDIT: I also really appreciate you asking for feedback on your module here before submission to the library. Thank you.


I’m missing the manual.


But, realistically plenty of modules don’t have a manual.

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Sadly that’s true. And shame on me, my manuals are terrible lazy.

OT: In my job for living I also have to write manuals for noobs, and I hate it.


It may or may not help you but if you have baconmusic installed there’s a module in there called lintbuddy which you can hook up to your module and it makes sure all your params and inputs and outputs are named and looks for bypasses and stuff. I used it to find gaps in modules I wrote so put it into the collection

And welcome to the rack dev community!