Feature Request: Copy MIDI>Gate values to Gate>MIDI

I’m working a lot with processing MIDI in my DAW with VCV Rack 2, something that is rather painful is that Gate>MIDI does not learn from pressing buttons on my controllers. It would be handy to be able to copy the values from one to the other, or have a right click context menu option in MIDI>Gate to create a new Gate>MIDI with the same values.

Same applies to MIDI CC>CV and CV>MIDI CC.

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Feature requests should go to support@vcvrack.com

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Thanks @steve, I wasn’t aware,

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Does the save preset feature not work? It’s in the context menu (on all VCV modules?).

Not at all in this case, since they are two separate modules. If Gate>MIDI shared presets with MIDI>Gate, that would also be a reasonable solution. However they do not:

image image

OH! right you are. Yeah, I think somehow making this work is a good feature request. I know there are a lot of modules that have their own cut/copy/paste between modules.

I can’t say this one took the world by storm, but it does let you copy paste notes between Entrian, Impromptu, and Squinky Labs sequencers: SquinkyVCV/clipboard-format.md at main · squinkylabs/SquinkyVCV · GitHub