Favorites sync in v2

Hello, I’m using VCV on 2 Macs, desktop and laptop, and been wondering if the working sync based on my vcv account for my plugins library, was intended to also work for the favorites states of them ?

Thanks for your returns !

I’m surprised you didn’t get any replies to this one by now.

I have the same hassle syncing module favorites between my MacBook and a Linux laptop. I don’t think it’s supposed to automagically sync the favorites.

:thinking: I was looking at the settings.json file on my MacBook with BBEdit and saw multiple lines with "favorite":true in them.

If I were to copy everything between these lines …

"moduleInfos": {
    "21kHz": {
      "kHzPalmLoop": {
        "added": 1,
        "lastAdded": 1646813643.192143
      "wavbankmc": {
        "favorite": true

… where the line immediately following those is:

"moduleWhitelist": {

and then paste it into the equivalent place in the settings.json on the Linux laptop, shouldn’t that work? Assuming the destination Library has also been recently updated for plugins, of course.

I don’t think it would be a good idea to simply copy the entire settings.json file because I also see things like “recentPatchPaths” and “windowSize”, which would necessarily be different.