Favorite techno mixes

Hi All,

I’m interested in getting deeper into techno. I wonder if there are any DJ mixes you all can recommend. Basically, something you’ve gone back to again and again. Recommendations across different eras would be fantastic.

My taste tends toward the minimal and away from the melodic.

(Albums and singles also of some interest.)

I don’t listen to much techno, but i like this dude :slight_smile:

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This Israel Toledo dude tears it up consistently:


The yellowheads are quite good for some (current) no mercy banging techno :slight_smile:

I tend to collect tracks rather than sets/mixes though, and it goes back quite a long way. Not much beats this:


Not a mix, but definitely one of my old time favorites, the lesser known b-side of Timeless Altitude by @secretcinema - “Stop my Love”

Always loved how the bassline melody interacts with the snare breaks, was a joy to put this on the turntable and build the tension up to around 3.44 always worked well on a crowd!

Ah yes the good old days hehehe :sunglasses:


This is one of the mixes i come back to when i have to clean my appartement :sponge:

Berghain 08 | Fiedel by Ostgut Ton | A-TON | unterton on #SoundCloud

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not really mixes but solid, massive selections of really good techno here:

this mix is pretty good imo (rrose - 2012.07.02):



This Boiler Room set by Surgeon is a favorite of mine… monster intro! :open_mouth:


This mix by Lena Willikens is pretty rad:

Also Boolean’s Lobster Theremin podcast:

And really any and all things 1800Haightstreet

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Colin Benders has some great modular synth sessions

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Haha Thanks man. The Kurzweil K2000 in full effect :slight_smile:


Hardcore! I love old school techno.

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You May like this aswell