Favorite drone modules

Hey guys,

I was wondering if you guys had any favorite go to modules for creating complex drones. I would also interested in any drone creation techniques.

Thanks for sharing!

I use mostly some oscillators and layer them, like the Blamsoft xfx wave and Hora detour and Valleys Terrorform combined with some delays and reverb, some unsynced slow lfos for modulations …


Honestly just a saw wave with some subtle and interesting pitch modulation into filter and reverb. That’s the most basic form of it. Lots of fun with resonant filter peaks, wave shaping, granular synthesis and all sorts of things. And then add another oscillator, and another. The sky is the limit. Tuning by ear is a good thing too, making it a little bit more “analog”.

Wavetable oscillators are awesome too, like Ball of Confusion, morphing and scanning through vast amounts of wavetables. It’s really rough and gritty sounding, so I like it for low notes most of the time. Perferably combined with a more basic oscillator, wavetables can be a bit unstable with the fundamental frequency moving all over the place.

I don’t know, a couple of ideas, at least.

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I m not specialist even I never did a Drone, but I like experiment with the vult incubus is fat and rich of harmonics

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I don’t know that you’d call it complex but Geodesics Energy is my go to for drones. A tiny bit of LFO in the second pitch control is pretty interesting.

If you just want complexity, though, Valley’s new Terrorform is pretty complex. I can’t get it to sound smooth personally but that’s not a huge problem.

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