Faust developer here

Hi people,

I found this site googling this Faust related project: https://github.com/mzuther/ProtoFaust

I read a bit the may discussion about Faust, using libfaust + LLVM and so on. Feel free to ask me any questions related to Faust.


Just a note: If you want to add a Faust backend to VCV Prototype, see https://github.com/VCVRack/VCV-Prototype#adding-a-script-engine. I have an issue open here. https://github.com/VCVRack/VCV-Prototype/issues/10


As I understand, the ProtoFaust project is a first step to have a static compilation model, where the Faust compiler is used to produce a C++ class which is then wrapped by some C++ generic architecture files to finally produce a VCVRack plugin.

The libfaust + LLVM way would indeed allow dynamic compilation: so Faust DSP, could be JIT compiled and inserted in the audio rendering chain on the fly (assuming the audio input/output channel number can be adapted ?). This is the model used in faustgen~ (an external for Max/MSP see https://github.com/grame-cncm/faust/releases) and FaustLive (https://github.com/grame-cncm/faustlive).

Then the DSP source has to be edited (are they any edition capabilities built in the system ?) or using an external text editor and a “file change” notification system to trigger JIT recompilation.