Failed to load SVG. Please help noob :(

> [4.271 warn src/window.cpp:75] Failed to load SVG C:\Users\huile\DOCUME~1/Rack/plugins-v1/Test1/res/TestModule.svg

I followed the Plugin Development Tutorial

and I just finished the tutorial. I was hoping to see something from the Rack.

I can find my Brand, and there is definitely a bright white text(which means it is available) with 1. However, when I click my brand (My Plugin from the Tutorial, Test1 for mine) it doesn’t show anything. When I check the log through log.text and my MSYS2, it says it failed to load SVG.

I used SVG file from the tutorial, which was called MyModule.svg.

Below is my module.cpp codes.

#include "plugin.hpp"

float phase = 0.f;
float blinkPhase = 0.f;

struct TestModule : Module {
	enum ParamIds {
	enum InputIds {
	enum OutputIds {
	enum LightIds {

	TestModule() {
		configParam(PITCH_PARAM, 0.f, 1.f, 0.f, "");

	void process(const ProcessArgs &args) override {
        // Compute the frequency from the pitch parameter and input
        float pitch = params[PITCH_PARAM].getValue();
        pitch += inputs[PITCH_INPUT].getVoltage();
        pitch = clamp(pitch, -4.f, 4.f);
        // The default pitch is C4 = 261.6256f
        float freq = dsp::FREQ_C4 * std::pow(2.f, pitch);

        // Accumulate the phase
        phase += freq * args.sampleTime;
        if (phase >= 0.5f)
            phase -= 1.f;

        // Compute the sine output
        float sine = std::sin(2.f * M_PI * phase);
        // Audio signals are typically +/-5V
        outputs[SINE_OUTPUT].setVoltage(5.f * sine);

        // Blink light at 1Hz
        blinkPhase += args.sampleTime;
        if (blinkPhase >= 1.f)
            blinkPhase -= 1.f;
        lights[BLINK_LIGHT].setBrightness(blinkPhase < 0.5f ? 1.f : 0.f);

struct TestModuleWidget : ModuleWidget {
	TestModuleWidget(TestModule* module) {
		setPanel(APP->window->loadSvg(asset::plugin(pluginInstance, "res/TestModule.svg")));

		addChild(createWidget<ScrewSilver>(Vec(RACK_GRID_WIDTH, 0)));
		addChild(createWidget<ScrewSilver>(Vec(box.size.x - 2 * RACK_GRID_WIDTH, 0)));
		addChild(createWidget<ScrewSilver>(Vec(RACK_GRID_WIDTH, RACK_GRID_HEIGHT - RACK_GRID_WIDTH)));
		addChild(createWidget<ScrewSilver>(Vec(box.size.x - 2 * RACK_GRID_WIDTH, RACK_GRID_HEIGHT - RACK_GRID_WIDTH)));

		addParam(createParamCentered<RoundBlackKnob>(mm2px(Vec(15.24, 46.063)), module, TestModule::PITCH_PARAM));

		addInput(createInputCentered<PJ301MPort>(mm2px(Vec(15.24, 77.478)), module, TestModule::PITCH_INPUT));

		addOutput(createOutputCentered<PJ301MPort>(mm2px(Vec(15.24, 108.713)), module, TestModule::SINE_OUTPUT));

		addChild(createLightCentered<MediumLight<RedLight>>(mm2px(Vec(15.24, 25.81)), module, TestModule::BLINK_LIGHT));

Model* modelTestModule = createModel<TestModule, TestModuleWidget>("TestModule");

The Tutorial told me

Open the generated src/MyModule.cpp source file and add the following member variables to the Module class.

> float phase = 0.f;
> float blinkPhase = 0.f;

so I added those two variables on the top of the file (Sorry, this was the one I got confused. I hope this is where I made a mistake. I’m still learning this language)

Please let me know if I did any miserable mistake! I just joined this new wonderful world, and I want to create some unforgettable memories! :smiley:

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Is the error message correct? Is the svg there or not?


WOW it was the SVG file name that caused the error

Apparently, i saved the file as ‘asdf.svg’ so of course it couldn’t load it.

Thanks for letting me check the error message again! :smiley:

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Happens to all of us. Those error messages will always be your friend.