Faderfox ec4 and push buttons.

Hey all, I am trying to use the push encoders on my ec4 on the Mindmeld 16 channel mixer, I want to use them to activate mute but I think I’ve run into a hardware limitation as it mutes when pressed just fine but then when I unmute it will jump to the highest volume (+6 I think) which is obviously not desirable. Is there a way of getting around this? I’ve attached a picture of what the ec4 can do and I’ve tried all the options unless I am missing something. Maybe setting a hard limit within VCV Rack itself?

Cheers in advance!

You can set the limit with the actualy faders. Also in the right-click menu on each track is a further option to set level limit.

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Ahh yes, Ive just noticed you can do it on the LCD readout at the top, many thanks!

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