Facebook is mean.

I have never had a post deleted before, yet…

leave facebook, it is not the “social” network that it claims to be, it is just a store where you are the product, nothing more.

I have only left two things in life, cigarettes and Facebook, both of which I am happy.


This forum was created at least in part because a lot of us are not on facebook. edit: actually it looks like you joined here the day before i did so you probably know that.

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Yeah, they’re randomly ridiculous. I did manage to see that post on FB before it disappeared though.

That’s ridiculous. I wonder if the algo is interpreting “Rackheads” as an insult??

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Just don’t try “owning the racktards”!

Edit: I think I violated a few forum rules… ignore my post about facebook…

I agree with @David I left Facebook in 2013-2014 and I’m much better off without it. With cigarettes I still haven’t succeeded, but that too is a goal.

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You can live without facebook
You should live without facebook

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maybe the algorithm inserted the supposedly missing ‘‘c’’ in front of the offensive word… a bad world, it is…

I dunno. I once made a FB post using the words “vaccillation” and “CORVID-19” just to see if it would tack onthe link to official info about COVID-19.

It did not.