Extract module list from .vcv file?

Is there a way to extract from a .vcv file the list of modules used in it? It seems like this info is captured in the file somehow…but I don’t know how to “look” at a .vcv file.

Thanks for any help!

The main part of a vcv file is a text file containing data in json syntax, but it’s all compressed using zstd. If you uncompress it, you can view it with a text editor.

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just try this website, it helps to find the modules in the patch



Thanks! I must admit my total ignorance…I do not know how to successfully uncompress the file (windows). Not sure if i need to change the file extension or what to do. Tried some zstd file converters/compressors online (Like PeaZip) based on some searches, but no banana…

Hey! That’s a great tool! Thanks for sharing it! Very useful!!

I am still wondering how to output a list of modules just from the patch…i didn’t see that as part of the tool, but maybe I’m missing it?

just upload the patch to the website and it shows you the modules off the patch you miss in your setup and the modules that you have

Yes, thank you, I can see it tells me what modules are missing. And that helps.

But, I’m also trying to build a database of patches and modules, and so I am trying to get the full list of modules in a patch for that purpose. It will take a little more effort from me, I think.

If you can load the patch you can use the Credit module to get a list


What format would you like the information in?

I’m the one who created the tool rsmus linked. The tool is open source so you can easily remix the tool and modifier it to your needs.

parsing a JSON file and putting it in a database is a pretty normal thing, isn’t it? But It’s not clear - are you asking as a programmer or as a “normal” user?

Asking as a “normal person” (is there such a thing :slight_smile: ?). Happy to learn what a JSON is, but don’t know as of now. I am mostly wanting to create a library of patches used for different modules…wishing there was something like that already, e.g., in patchstorage.com, but not yet as far as I can tell.

That’s just awesome–thanks so much for the link, and @Patheros for creating the tool!!

Wow–that’s a great tool–love it.

I guess for importing into a database, maybe csv or tsv? I admit I do not know how to edit an open source tool…maybe someday I can learn…

Click the “Remix on Glitch” button on the website in the lower right corner. That will give you a copy of the website you can then start playing around with it.

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The tool already logs each plugin it finds in a patch to the console when it runs. You can see the output on the right here. Modifying it to fit your needs shouldn’t take too much work.

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