Extra VCV Rack Plugins

Hello, How do I obtain VCV LFO-1 (etc all the -1) modules. They seem to sound more analog than the standard VCV LFO that I recieved with V2 update… and other modules I have heard… etc… I would like to get all the modules with the “-1” …

Thank you

You already have them, you probably mean “-2”. There’s two hidden modules in plugins/Fundamental/plugin.json and one of them is the old VCA-2. You can always go in there and set hidden=false and they’ll appear in your module browser.

Interesting. The only 2 hidden modules in my systems are VCA-2 and Unity.


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You can also search for "disabled".

And evey time you download an updated plugin version, your changes in plugin.json wil be lost.

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That keyword is not found, nor “enable(d)”.

I found "disabled" in the following plugins/folders:

  • Ahornberg
  • AS
  • KautenjaDSP-PotatoChips
  • Mental
  • squinkylabs-plug1

I also found "hidden" in the following plugins/folders:

  • BaconMusic
  • CountModula
  • DHE-Modules
  • Fundamental
  • SubmarineFree
  • SurgeRack
  • ZetaCarinae

IMO I would not enable modules that are disabled/hidden because the develpers usually do have serious reasons to disable/hide those modules.

That’s fine but the OP and Lars’ reply was focused on the Fundamental module. I made the reply to Lars because my plugin.json didn’t match with his reply.

But I agree with not doing adhoc edits on the json files.

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Actually, I remember doing the same list as you a couple of months ago, testing it, and discovering that “disabled” is ignored and only “hidden” works. I believe that “disabled” was a old keyword replaced by “hidden” but it’s a long time ago.

Oh yes, it matches exactly with my reply, but I wrote “VCO” and it should have been “VCA” :slight_smile:

And the OP wanted LFO :slight_smile:

I need food.

:slight_smile: But reading again, I think what the OP is really lamenting is the fact that the old VCV VCO’s and maybe LFO’s implemented a “digital” and “analog” mode, but in the Rack 2 versions only the analog mode remains.

From my experience, "disabled" still works.

Here’s the post I remembered making when I examined it:

It wasn’t disabled but deprecated I checked out. So seems there’s 3 tags: hidden, disabled, deprecated. Oy vey, what a mess.

OT for this thread:

The code in Model.cpp says this:

	// hidden
	json_t* hiddenJ = json_object_get(rootJ, "hidden");
	// Use `disabled` as an alias which was deprecated in Rack 2.0
	if (!hiddenJ)
		hiddenJ = json_object_get(rootJ, "disabled");
	if (hiddenJ) {
		// Don't un-hide Model if already hidden by C++
		if (json_boolean_value(hiddenJ))
			hidden = true;

So the manual seems a bit outdated here.

The conclusion for me is that I have to change all "disabled" to "hidden" in my next release.

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Did you find any references to the functionality of “deprecated”?

No, not in Rack V2.

Interesting. It would seem that both “deprecated” and “disabled” are… deprecated.

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The code "disabled" is marked as deprecated.

But "deprecated" seems to be removed from the code.

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