Expert Sleepers ES-8

Hi! And sorry I have to ask, maybe somebody has an idea…

I have the Expert Sleepers ES-8, but in VCV Rack (on Windows 10) when selecting the AUDIO-16 module I don’t have it listed as an ASIO driver (in fact no ASIO devices at all are listed). This surprised me because the driver appears and can be used just fine both in Reason and in Supercollider (so can a Steinberg ASIO driver for a different device).

I have the latest version of the audio driver, 4.82.0.

Using one of the other options in VCV Rack, for instance WASAPI, will only give me two outputs.

So I’m wondering what I’m missing here. I’ve seen the videos where this ASIO driver is successfully being used in VCV Rack (for instance this one, It’s with an ES-9, but it’s the same driver).

My main goal is to be able to use as many inputs and outputs of the ES-8 in VCV Rack, not necessarily with ASIO.


Not sure how it works on Win 10 but I’m using the ES-8 with Mac. One thing to check is that, for me, I have to first select “Core Audio” in the top dropdown menu, then I can select ES-8 in the next dropdown menu. Maybe there is something like this on Win?

Well, it should work actually… I use only ASIO with VCV Rack on Windows 10. Does the ES-8 has drivers for Windows maybe? I have the ES-9 and I had to install drivers for it.

hey xub, did you find a solution? have the same problem, thanks im advance … marian

There’s a new ASIO audio driver from Expert Sleepers, 5.30.0. Have you installed that?

hey paul, thanks for reply. yes i did, still no asio in the rack, can manage to get 2 outs to the es-8