Expert Sleepers: A little help with Expert Sleepers Plugins, modules and eurorack (Ableton user)


I’m on Windows, using RME UFX + ES3. I felt like trying VCV rack out after I saw silent way modules for controlling eurorack systems.

I’m wondering how to route the clock from the Expert Sleepers pluggin from Ableton 10.1 to VCV Rack for sample accurate clocking of the modular environment? I’ve got the bridge pluggins ready but I’m not sure how to open them. Opening up the audio interface module twice and using one as Bridge kills the sound and I need to restart VCV rack to get it going again.

Also, how would I route midi from Ableton to VCV to be able to control my eurorack systems oscillators with the silent way modules I just purchased in the modular store? Is there no other way than the virtual midi ports?

Thanks alot!

I think you will get a latency which will be around the latency of your soundcard. There was a similar thing for me when I tested it with new Ableton CV tools (clock tool).