"exclusive input" mixer?


I’m looking for a module (2/3 hp) with N input, N (exclusive) button and a single output, which take the input where the button is on and pass to output (without any clipping), ignoring the other inputs with button off. Only 1 button “on” can be enabled. Somethings like this by Bogaudio:

but with “exclusive” buttons (so I can’t choose many of them) Clicking on another off button, take it on and off the other.

Does exist somethings minimal and similar in VCV already?


Isn’t that what the “solo” button does on most mixers? There are the SquinkyLabs mixers, but the Mind Meld is much more popular.

Why not using the Bogaudio switch 81? There is a Exclusive Switchung setting within the menu.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-19 um 17.35.17


Too wide. And it needs ctrl+click to Solo every time :slight_smile:

It “clips” the output signal in some way:


probably only to 10v, right? should be fine, if so.

The modules being modeled on eurorack, you are going to have a hard time finding anything with buttons much slimmer than the one you have here. Most 2-3hp modules in the real world are just a column of jacks because that is all that you can fit on the panel.

Toooooooo wide, but close to what you want ?

Generically, that would be called a “radio button”, after the automotive radio frequency preset select buttons.