Eurorack Panel Dimensions drilling distance 122,5 mm or 123,5 mm

Hello, I have found that the panel holes do not fit completely!

Example HE4 20.32mm X128.5 mm and the holes X 7.5mm distance (128.5 mm - 3 mm -3 mm ) = 122.5mm. (Döpfer)

In VCV X 7.5 mm distance (128.5 mm -2.5 mm-2.5 mm = 123.5 mm. What is now correct ???

Greetings Michael Example.pdf

Example.pdf (7.5 KB)

I don’t understand what “X 7.5mm” means, but, according to the web, the hole spacing (distance between centers) for eurorack is 122.5mm. I can’t figure out how you want to drill something for VCV Rack :ghost:

I have 2 calipers here, but my audio stuff is in the studio…I hope to remember to bring it there and give it a measure

I mean X axis 7.5mm and Y axis 3mm See picture by Doepfer. Greetings Michael

this drawing says that:

  • on X axis, 7.5mm is the distance between the edge of the module and the center of the first hole only, any other holes (if there are) must be every 5.08mm (wheelbase)

  • on Y axis, the length of the module is 128.5mm and the wheelbase of the holes is 122.5mm

next week I can take a measure

I have my modules all at hand (and caliper as well), but haven’t measured as all of my modules have oval holes - while not quite as precise, the oval holes tend to work better with the modules I own: especially since some of them aren’t at exact hp widths.

perhaps going the oval route might be better for what you’re doing? what is it that you’re planning on doing anyways?

I still don’t understand if @seq is looking for this info just to make a correct “drawing” for VCV Rack or has to build a module :broccoli:

Anything left unclear is ambiguous.

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It is only about the drawing of the (hardware panel) is ok!

See example above!

I noticed when I create a Panel (Picture) in mm the Holes do not fit. It is also possible without Holes. The Screws will be added later. I think it has something to do with Scaling.