Eurorack Modules You Want in VCV Rack

Is the latest patch version available somewhere? Would love to have a look and try out. Ta

I haven’t made a new version of this specifically, but here’s the original patch:

I have a few patches with a similar sound but can’t remember which ones!

Hey there! I am well, thanks. Real life is intruding into my creative time, but then that’s what happens as spring approaches for a small craft brewery.

I made a couple of short-form compositions with the network using Reason with some Swam Horns. My noodling is dangerously close to transforming from jazz to tone-study, but it was fun. I used the VCV delay as “tape”. The ocean wave at 1:25 is all the noise& crackle with careful modulation of the delay and reverb at the same time.

And last week I made some adjustments and replaced the VCV delays with Chronoblob and ran it in the blended (non-tape) delay mode. I think I might prefer the sound characteristics from this better, but it is very complicated to try and play it. Here’s what came of that exercise:

This week I am a bit distracted by delving into “West Coast” patching ideas without using a Buchla specific instrument (eg Arturia V Easel) and am messing with getting the Complex-1 module in Reason to make wonky bonk noises with random and intentionally modulated wave folding and sequencer changes.

The Nautilus concept is continuing to marinate in my subconscious. What I am hung up on is how to get pitchshifting delay & reverb balanced with reversing the buffer in a manner which is moderately intuitive (ie not too complex to operate). I am very close to thinking that 3-5 faders is all one should be trying to manipulate to get a performative musical expression to happen. It’s a work in progress and I am probably wrong about everything. But I’m having fun finding it out.

For Nautilus have you tried Prince of Perception, you can reverse the buffer in that module. The 3-5 faders sound like the way to go. Where did the vocal sample in the Chronoblob version come from? It fits the atmosphere of the track so well.

Anyway enjoy what you do. Be good to hear more audio with your Buchla experiments as well.

Hi Ady34, I’ve started to pick apart the features of Nautilus that fascinate (challenge) me the most. First up is the pseudo-random delay offsets that happen with dispersal. I’ve got a method (a bit tedious to implement, but hopefully computationally efficient where Shapmaster becomes a permutation table of random values and scanning across and scaling the output will provide a convincing result).

Then comes the routings for the 8 delay taps. They usually are stereo (4 taps per channel), but in ping-pong they hop from one to the other. I think I can see how to work this.

I’ll share a patch when I’ve got something that you can try out.

Here’s another piece where I used the modified Sealegs patch with horns and a West Coast patched Reason voice.


Loving your work Chis! Have you looked at Stoacudio Polydelay? You can have a different delay time on each poly channel. Obviously you need a poly sound source to work properly, but what I do is run a monophonic signal (usually the audio in for guitar) into Bogaudio Polymult, which sticks it onto up to 16 channels. Then you can modulate it polyphonically, and it goes absolutely nuts! I usually run it into a stereo spread module too, to randomly pan the channels to a nice wide stereo image.

Hi @VirtualModular - I’ll have a look at that. Thanks for your kind words.

Hi @ady34 - some further progress this morning (my usual patching time is 5-am-7am). I’m starting with a base from @Omri_Cohen and his excellent multi-tap delay example (PatchStorage: Let's build a multi-tap delay setup in VCV Rack | Patchstorage). This is allowing me to reach in and disperse the individual delay response times and easily allowing for creative panning (ping-pong, etc…), shimmer up/down, bit-crush and distortion.

I am hung up on how to add reversal. Simpliciter crashes VCV Rack when I try to trigger the record with a gate while feeding it signal from the delay routing. I will plug away it some more tomorrow. Even if reversing is not possible it is developing some very nice characteristics which should be fun to play with and potentially roll into something new and different from Nautilus.

Taps and Prince of Perception are both excellent for reverse delay! Simpliciter seems to crash in some patches for me, but not others - I can’t see any pattern as to what causes it to bomb, but @synthi has been back on the forum recently so I’m hoping we get an update. It’s still one of the greatest modules ever :wink:


Good you are making progress. I was going to suggest Prince of Perception and Prism of… as ‘reverse delay’ options but Virtual Modular beat me to it. Taps is good as well.

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@VirtualModular & @ady34 Prince of Perception looks ready made for this exercise with it being able to act as an instant (2 ms minimum delay) reverse. I’m still unclear about how big the buffer is and some other technical aspects, but I will continue to dig into this and see what I can come up with.

Hi! As others suggested, have a look at prince of perception. It’s low on CPU consumption, and it has reverse delay. You can use a whole chain of them without any issues.

I second the Prince/Prism of Perception. The buffer is 60 seconds. When in freeze mode you can scan through the buffer. Max delay size is 20 seconds.

@ady34 @VirtualModular @Omri_Cohen Here’s my Proof of Concept. This is set to Ping Pong and tape mode and makes use of 4 x ChronoBlob modules for the delay.

My main goal at this point is to get the Sensors working (using ShapeMaster ramps to fade in the mixer inputs that are receiving the ChronoBlob output) and to get Dispersal working (offsetting the L&R rates of each ChronoBlob.

I will make use Prince of Perception for the reverse feature. There’s a Shimmer (of sorts) and a BitCrush that you can play with.

I really like the tape pitch effect and that is why I am starting with ChronoBlob.

YMMV. No guarantees of any sort whatsoever. Have fun! Updates as and when I can get to them.

Thank you, I will have a good play around with the patch and see if I can help along the way to Nautilus goodness! I have been creating and messing with an Oil Can delay patch. Are you ok taking a look?

Oil can delay +F2 Filter+Droplets.vcv (3.1 MB)

Hi @ady34,

Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately the RackWindows modules appear to no longer be available so I am not able to see your patch as I think you intended. Are you able to sub that out for an available module? Cheers.

Thanks for looking at the patch-the Rackwindows would be the vibrato. There is Vibrato Autinn module, do you have that?

Here’s a (digital) model I’d dearly love to see in Rack:

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I think anything in RackWindows (plus heaps more) would be in Airwindows:


I do have the Autinn collection, yes.