Eurikon - 3 minutes tutorials

Hi everyone! In this thread i will post tutorials that i will make from time to time. The tutorials will be very short and fast, no more then 3 minutes. Highlighting a specific subject, and accompanied by that patch for download.

Hopefully this will be useful for anyone. Have fun! :coffee::notes::level_slider::control_knobs:

starting off with the first one here:

@synthi Confusing Simpler - stretching/shrinking control voltage over time.

In this video we will look at how to stretch and shrink control voltage over time. I have used Impromptu Modular sequencers, but you are free to choose any sequencer that will work for you and gets the job done. It is important to remember that recording will start first, therefor make sure that Confusing Simpler starts exactly at RUN. You can hit RESET if necessary.

You will need modules from these plugins: Audible Instruments Bogaudio Impromptu Modular Nysthi AS ML Modules Submarine Free

Download the patch here:


superb tut in 3 min :+1:

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Really nice idea for a video series… BTW where’d you get all those dark skins?

The context menu

but bogaudio and fundamental don’t have dark skins in the context menue :wink:

I edit the module graphics, you can do this with Inkscape.
When I will get to it, I’ll update the Bogaudio module graphics again, and share them on github.

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(Buchla) Bongo Patch

In this short clip you can view how to create a so called (Buchla) bongo patch.

The aim is not to create a realistic sounding bongo, but a sound that reminds of the bongo.
It can also be used to create ringing bell like sounds, and a lot of other cool stuff!
This short clip is a very simplified explanation of the process,
there are many other better ways of doing this.

Here is some insight on what an LPG is, in this case a Doepfer Low Pass Gate:

Doepfer vacontrol Basics:

You will need these plugin packages to use the same modules as in this patch:
VCV core (built-in)
Audible Instruments (free)
Impromptu Modular (free)
NYSTHI (free)
AS (free)
Bogaudio (free)
Vult (free)
Autodafe Drum Kit (free)
Valley Audio (free)
Squinky Labs (free)
Befaco (free)
Submarine (free)

link to the patches:

Feel free to post a comment below and post your creative patch ideas!

Make Noise bongo patch:

Buchla bongo discussion:

Short summary:


VCV Router 4:1 & Random Clocks

Ok this video is 4 minutes, but this technique deserves much more minutes!! :smiley:

In this video i will demonstrate how to use different clock ratios, distributed through VCV Router switch 4:1

Patch download link in video description :+1:t3: