Es-3 vcv rack exp slp calibration

Sorry about that i am new here. Hopefully its formatted now. Anyways, i Just got my hardware plaits in and wanted to mess around on vcv and finally start integrating it with my external rack. Followed omris video to do this but for some reason after calibration with expert sleepers calibration plugin, emphasized textit does not show the c4 wave on the calibration tool. I an going out of output 1 on es-3 which is i/o 9 for me on my interface adat. I hear the calibration going on but i dont know how to explain it but calibration tool doesnt seem to shows its been calibrated to c4. Then when i run cv1 on seq-3 to v/oct on quantizer than into the calibration plugin. I don’t hear the sequence, just a simple sine. New to eurorack so still learning a lot. Tried restarting rack and vcv but that didnt do it and my es-3 output 1 is lighting up when calibrating so not sure wth is going on. Any help would be much appreciated or if someone has any tutorials to show this process besides omri cohens that would be great. Thank you guys.

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I have the es-3 MK 3. The response is very close to linear - at the time, I didn’t have any oscillators to control, so I used a manual calibration routine with a multimeter. See my old google sheet for the details.

For automatic calibration, you can try NYSTHI THUNATOR as an alternative, maybe it works better for you.

most recent binary here: Releases · nysthi/nysthi · GitHub

Ill give it a try but do you know what may be causing this? Very new to eurorack so doing a lot blindly. I purchased the expert sleepers modules to do this so its kind of a shame that it wasn’t working. Do you have to be putting out a sine wave to calibrate?

I think it uses some stepwise algorithm to calibrate - don’t remember. I never do it. from the “Voice Controller” Manual: “The VCO should output an ascending series of pitches, and the Voice Controller’s calibration graph will update with the result.”

Are you talking about Expert Sleepers “Calibrator” or “Voice Controller” ?

What are you using for input? In case of “Calibrator”, you need to use DC-coupled interface. In case of “Voice Controller”, I think your oscillator has to output a sine . maybe other simple waveforms will work too. If you have a lot of overtones, it may get confused and not measure the pitch correctly. Also, if the input from the physical oscillator is too low or high in amplitude - you will get bad signal/noise ratio or clipping, and the results will not be good. You can use the minmax feature of “Multivoltmetro” or the VCV scope to check that the input signal is within range.

If you have not allready, also watch this video on the ES-3 from Andrew Ostler, the developer of the Expert Sleeper hard+software:

Finally, this is a user forum, we don’t need “I paid x amount - It has to work” - we don’t get paid. If you want REAL support, write the author of the plugin. The details are listed here:

Thank you for responding. I am not trying to put down an authors plugin in any way my point being is i paid for a plugin that was suggested on different forums and saw on a few videos that used this plugin. I assume its user error but thats why i am here to ask what i may be doing and since i paid for this plugin id like to use it for that reason over another. I only have the expert sleepers es-3. I was told by ES that the es-3 would allow me to control my external rack with vcv plugins so that is why i purchased it. I have no problem getting an es-6 as well but was told for what i am trying to do its not necessary. I just needed an es-3 to send audio to modular and use sequencers from vcv rack and other modulation and utility plugins from vcv to control my rack. As i have said i am still new to modular so learning routing is something i am struggling with a bit and trying to see if anyone has time to explain the proper routing. This is not a jab at anyones products.

Also, be sure to turn off the “DC blocker” on the audio module right-click menu. If this is not mentioned in the videos - they were probably made before the DC blocking as added to Rack (v 2.0.0 changelog )

And chose the right ouput ports, corresponding to the ES-3 ports. ADAT #1 is “Audio 16 To Device 13” on my UMC1820, ADAT#2 is “To device 14” … and so on (SPDIF is #11 and #12, I don’t use them).

Hi Joseph

I wrote this, see if it helps:

I recommend that before doing that calibration, you play the oscillator in Eurorack into Rack, and using NYSTHI:Hot Tuna you tune the oscillator to C4. Then you do the calibration. If the calibration has gone well the oscillator should be on pitch, which you can verify by playing it into Rack and measuring with Hot Tuna. The Voice Controller module itself will not show pitch, that’s not its job.

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Thank you everyone for your posts. First thing i will try when i get home is definitely turn dc blocker off as i know my dc blocker is on for sure. The next will be following all of your steps and i will report back. Thank you guys so much for the help. I really appreciate it.

So it looks like i got it figured out somewhst. Still does not look exactly calibrated how i see others doing it but its working for me to be able to sequence. I had to run calibration input into output 2 on audio 16 and pitch cv output to inout 9 on audio 16 which was a little weird to me but it finally partially calibrated and i can use a sequencer on my external voices. Thank you guys. Not sure if plaits can output a good sine wave in order to calibrate properly but will keep working on it. Will save me money on an expensive sequencer like a metropoloix or hermod+ for a little while.