Error when launch

When I used to create a module by typing command createmodule MyModule

I got an error

[Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘plugin.json’

This is strange, because earlier I created one module.

Have you got a plugin.json file in the folder?

Some days ago, I create plugin ‘p1’ with, where create folder with neccessary files. Also create ‘plugin.json’ in folder of plugin. Today I try to create another plugin ‘p2’ but get this error. After that i try to create first plugin ‘p1’ again, but have this error. I use this tutorial.

I have this error often, when I either start form or point to the wrong directory.

Generously I make the same things. Since I create my first plugin, I don’t chage directory. Even more, I just try to repeat creating of first plugin, and it don’t work.

Now I try to move Rack SDK directory, but have error again.Rack_SDK

in the example you try to create a module in the dir Rack_SDK. You want to create the module in the dir bomb where the plugin.json is.

C:\somewhere\myplugins>C:\Rack_SDK\ createplugin bomb
C:\somewhere\myplugins>cd bomb
C:\somewhere\myplugins\bomb>C:\Rack_SDK\ createmodule bomb res/bomb.svg src/bomb.cpp
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