Error loading VCV

I realise that this problem has been posting before so I apologise but none of the previous solutions have worked for me. I have made the app read & write enabled, I have disabled malware protection and firewalls. I just cant figure it out. I am using a Mac running 12.2.1, so maybe it is a Monterey issue, I just dont know. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just wondering out loud whether some stuff was introduced/broke in a Monterrey update, also given this one:

Try and google around for "monterrey update issues regressions’ and see if you find anything and let us know. It would probably be in the area of file-system security/protections.

That looks like a permissions issue. That is not an issue I have seen, but somewhere in the past I had to make Rack 2 user folder writable, somehow it was set to read-only, but that was ages ago, before Monterey…

Havent found anything yet but it is sounding like it probably is a Monterey issue.

EDIT: Think I have solved it. In the advanced settings of security I gave VCV rack full disk access and that seems to have sorted it. Very strange though as no other app requires this to function. Although I think VCV are a reputable company of course, Im not sure if I like the idea of having to give over access.