Error loading VCV patch on MAC OS 10.15.4

Hi, I am a MAC user on Catalina 10.15.4 and cannot get patches to load in RAC. I get the following error: JSON parsing error at 1:1 ‘[’ or ‘{’ expected near '<'

I have seen no other posts about this anywhere but I am assuming RAC is not compatible on this version? To confirm, I successfully installed and launched the MAC OS RAC app and can find no obvious conflicts with other programs nor issues with access to the VCV files.

The VCV patches were downloaded for a course, file extensions are recognised by the system and the app but just won’t load…

Any suggestions very gratefully received. Thanks

Hi I have now resolved this issue, it was the patches. i think I originally dowloaded them by right-clicking ‘download linked file as’ from Dropbox, and saved each as .VCV file.

Today I tried clicking on each patch on the Dropbox page then using the Direct Download option and the new downloaded patch loads fine. So if you are sharing patches this way, hope this helps with any issues you get.