Erica techno system

Hi all. I’ve been interested in the Erica Synths techno system and this led me to discover vcv racks (which is a lot cheaper than this hardware :smirk:). I’m new to modular systems and I would like to recreate this system. Could people start to point me in the right direction for the modules? All the modules for this system are listed in the link below. Cheers!



That is a nice looking rig!
for some analog modeled drums/step seq give a look to;

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For the Bassline component you can maybe try use Autinn Bass. Its not self-contained as Bassline though, it needs an external oscillator. You can see an example of how it can be used here: and documentation here:

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waking up an old thread. what vcv modules can you recommend to get s similar sound to these two Erica Synths oscillators. something about that distorted growl these things crunch and bounce.

Plasma drive

and to a lesser extent the boom fusion VCO

i’m going to try and work some multi oscillator detune (like STG’s new drift generator) setups with vult distortion filters too. and oscillators. any other ideas?

I think a wavetable oscillator can produce sounds like that. For example, k_ru5h by Edge or SEVENSEAS by Nysthi. Also, a sine wave with FM and a waveshaper can do grwoling sounds.

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Alberto many thanks i’ll try that. I didn’t see it tho and made this its my best shot after an hour or so of goofin around.

can always try the NYSTHI Rodent/Smashmaster/RGX distos…


Edit! i found it!! this is the biggest fattest distortion sound IMO yet on VCV (not best, just slappy and fat like the Erica Synths one).

All you need to do is use the Lindenberg Valerie filter and if you get the gain and Cut off correct along with the Palm Oscilator running the saw on top and the Square below you get this same type of distortion!!

Ok I need some professional help… I’ve made some insane sounding distortion and I feel like I know a ton more about the difference vcv modules that have the many types - however, despite my efforts (yes that includes trying all the NYSTHI modules recommended) I can’t get that slappy warm distortion the hardware Erica Synth Plasma gets… is this just due to the plasma distortion?

I wonder if the VCV team can come up with some takes on that thing… its very cool.

In fairness, I have not seen or heard any hardware distortion module that can match it either.

Please correct me! help appreciated. Little FYI - I had so much fun working and learning about vcv distortion I started accidentally making evolving soundscapes that did not have any sequencer at all just a really slow LFO.