Erica Synths Fusion Delay - mono?

I can’t seem to get a stereo output from this module, is it not working correctly? I send it an input and no matter what I do with the dials the output in L is the same as R. Is it supposed to do something different? The scope shows they are there same signal so I’m wondering why there is a R output.

I think there’s some mistake/omission in the VCV Rack module implementation that leaves out the stereo effect the original hardware is doing.

If I have to guess what is going on : the original hardware gets the stereo effect “for free” because of slight differences in the analog parts for the left and right channels but that wasn’t modeled for the Rack module. (The original isn’t a digital delay, it uses analog BBD chips for the delay lines.)

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Yes there is an omission about the stereo output.

I wonder if I’ve done something wrong when updating for V2 since I though it was done since V 1.0.4 In any cas, I will check and it would be added/back soon since I see what it is about and how to easily implement it.

Thank you for the report

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Fixed, plugins sent to VCV 4 days ago, should be updated in the library soon.


Thanks so much @Raph, can’t wait to try it out.