Erica Pico Drums: changing parameters

Hi. I’m working on a patch with the Erica Pico Drums module. I’m about to record it and just need to adjust something on the pico drums module, but whenever I try changing any of the parameters by clicking on the button to select let’s say the green one for pitch, it reinitialize the module. So every time I have to start all over again and find the same settings i had. I’ve tried saving the preset and load it before trying to adjust the parameters but it still re-initialize it.
Am i missing something? is there a way around it?

thanks in advance.

you could use the 8face module from @stoermelder
It lets you save and recall parameters.
Seems like just what you need :wink:

I’ve experienced this as well, enough to make me wary of using that module. If you can replicate it though then I guess it should be reported as a bug.

I’ll have a look at the 8face. It could be the solution.
And yes, I guess it should be reported as a bug as it does it every time.
thanks for the replies

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I thought I had found a workaround for this by clicking the module before clicking the knob but it must have been a fluke when it worked. I have sent an email to report it.

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Have you heard anything back yet ?

They said they would pass it on to their developer but haven’t heard anything since.

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Maybe you should contact Raphaël Hoffman (Hora Modules) directly to report this issue?