Entrian Sequencers, Entrian Acoustic Drums, and Entrian Free, for Rack V2

I’m very pleased to announce that all the Entrian plugins are now in the VCV Library for Rack V2:

Entrian Sequencers: DAW-like piano-roll sequencers for melodies, chord sequences, CV, and drums. Demo video:

Entrian Acoustic Drums: Real acoustic drums, sampled with multiple round-robin samples in multiple velocity layers. Demo video:

Entrian Free: Includes free play-only versions of the Entrian Sequencers, which can import and play MIDI files, and Entrian Follower, a pitch and envelope follower.

What’s new in this release:

  • Added the “Automatically create repeat markers when recording” option. Thanks, nay-seven. See #68
  • Fixed a crash-on-exit bug. Thanks, Drew, Ewen, and Vortico. See #73
  • Added Swing (#57):


The Swing feature lets you offset some of the beats within the rhythm of your piece, so that rather than a regular rhythm, DAH dah DAH dah DAH dah DAH dah, some of the notes are offset. A typical swing rhythm delays every even-numbered note so that the odd-numbered notes are about twice as long as the even-numbered ones: DAH… dah-DAH… dah-DAH… dah-DAH…

The Entrian sequencers give you quite a lot of flexibility when defining a Swing pattern:

  • You can offset quarter notes, eighth notes, or sixteenth notes.
  • You can either delay them or bring them forward in time.
  • You can control the exact fraction of a note by which they are offset.

You can define separate swing patterns for:

  • The whole sequence.
  • Different songs within a sequence.
  • Different tracks within a song.
  • Different clips within a track.
  • Different channels (eg. drum voices) within a clip.

A more-specific pattern overrides a less-specific one, so for example a track-wide pattern applies to all the clips in that track unless a specific clip defines its own pattern.

Swing can be applied to both melody and drum tracks.

The potential for making a truly hideous cacophany is huge. You’re welcome.

Manuals here:

Get the plugins here:


I instantly bought these when I noticed them becoming available in the V2 Library a little while ago :blush: ! Thank you for making them available, these have been on my shortlist for must-have modules that add so much to the VCV environment. Cheers!


finally you did it, :+1:

thanks a lot, Richie!!!

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… and finally, here they are. My favorite sequencers. :alien:

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