Entrian Pitch and Envelope Follower

I’m very happy to announce the release of Entrian Pitch and Envelope Follower, a free Rack module that converts sound into pitch and volume CV signals, by analyzing it in real time to determine the fundamental pitch.

It takes the sound from a real instrument, or your voice, or a sample, and lets you drive oscillators and VCAs in real time to produce sounds that follow the pitch and level of the original sound.


Full details, and the user manual, are here:

and here’s a two-minute demo video that demonstrates using it with a singing voice, a saxophone, a synth, and a speaking voice:

[Update] Follower is now available in the VCV Plugin Library - thanks, Andrew. :slight_smile:

Feedback is welcome!


Great !

Sounds like a Chassol generator ahah

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Hi Richie,
I’m beginning to use this wonderful module to pitch-envelope-track my trumpet playing in the purpose of driving vco’s in vcv. May I suggest to add triggers outputs: 1. threshold on the envelop follower (comparator), 2. quantized pitch changes. that would be awesome. Thanks so much for this module.

Hi there!
I’m trying to download this, but I get a 404 error when following the link.


Hi Denis - I’m glad you like the module! I did think about adding further features like quantisation, but such things already exist in Rack. You can use (for example) Quantum for quantisation, and Hetrick Compare as a comparator, like this:

Or did you have some specific requirements that aren’t met by these other modules?

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Yikes, sorry about that - I recently moved my website from one host to another, and it seems that page got left behind! Now fixed (and as Phil pointed out, the plugin is in available from the Plugin Library).

Hi Richie!
Thanks for your reply.
I meant about trigger outputs that send trigs each time the note change on the display and another on envelope level (with a threshold setting knob, sort of a noise gate) or gate generator as the setting you show on the svreenshot. So we could also controll other envelopes gates. Not sure it’s clear, let me know.
But I agree that there’s no need for a quantizer.

Thanks for the clarification.

I believe you can easily do those things with other modules, which is why I haven’t re-invented those features in Follower. A Quantum with all the notes enabled will output a trigger on every note change, for example. I don’t like the idea of loading up a module with features that already exist elsewhere - it’s not really how I feel “modular” should work. A matter of opinion, of course!

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Being late to the party… I wish i´d have found this thread/module, when doing my recent Hip Hop project.
I remember having a similar thing as vst years ago. It wasn´t accurate as yours (judging from the demo), but a lot of fun to play with. I also see a use case for live occasions, when you sing your bassline for example.

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Ok! You’re right. I did my own expansion with strip, so I can save the setup! Thanks again. This module is great. On hardware side, I think that Erica synths is about to launch something like that :wink:

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