Enlarge a Module's Display?

I have a couple generative patches set up to play chords so I can perform with some randomized accompaniment. @AaronStatic’s DiatonicCV is doing the heavy lifting in these patches (I can’t say enough great things about this these modules), but to play along live, it would be really helpful to have a module that displays the chord much larger.

My dream is to connect the ChordOut from the DiatonicCV to some module that just displays the current chord larger so I can see it better. My current best idea is to save a gif with all the chords I could use and control the frame with CV, but I like being able to change keys and scales on the fly. Is there a module that works like a magnifying glass that just enlarges a section of another module? Or a way to increase the maximum zoom limit in VCV Rack?

In your Rack2 dicectory, there’s a file settings.json. Here you can set "pixelRatio": 2.0, and then everything will be larger by a factor of 2, including max. zoom level.


I do not understand. I tried that (it was 0.0, I changed it to 2.0), restarted the app, and I can see no difference. Either way the max zoom was to about 25HP across the width of the window.

Did you make the changes while VCV Rack was running? In this case, your changes were overriden because VCV saves the file settings.json on closing, see log.txt.

Hmm, not sure.

Trying it again . . . This time I could zoom into 20.5 HP.

You can easily see if it works. The menu-bar and all menu elements should appear twice as large.

Alright . . . I tried some different values than 0.0 and 2.0, and got interesting results.

“pixelRatio”: 0.5, — Menus etc are too small to read, can only zoom in to something like 85 HP

“pixelRatio”: 0.0, — looks normal, can zoom in to 21 HP

“pixelRatio”: 1.0, — menubar and context menus, etc. look small (nay, tiny!), can only zoom in to 42 HP

“pixelRatio”: 2.0, — looks same as 0.0

“pixelRatio”: 3.0, — looks same as 0.0

“pixelRatio”: 4.0, — things look huge, but before I can finish zooming in to the max (maybe 14 HP?) some elements like the empty rack spaces screw holes, bus connectors(?), and module panel faces disappear entirely, leaving only knobs, jacks, cables and the black background visible.

That’s strange.

0.0 should look like 1.0 (this is by desing, the API says 0.0 is ‘auto’), everything else should look different.

My fav is 1.4615379571914673

That’s . . . oddly specific.

Yes, it has to do with my screen resolution and how nicely the font in the menu bar looks like.