Engine sample rate vs. Audio module sample rate

I have a module that requires that the Rack Engine sample rate be set to 44100Mhz whereas my audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett 6i6) is normally set to 48000Mhz. Rack seems to run OK with the mismatched rates, but am I setting myself up for trouble in the future by doing this?

I believe there is a small CPU hit for the conversion.

Or just set the interface to 44100)

depends how the module handles the SR conversion - some specifically state an SR value other wise you can get issues like aliasing or pitch of samples being incorrect…

focusrite Scarlett becomes very unhappy with an on-the-fly sample rate change, and all my other music software expects to see 48000. Don’t want to change all that if I don’t have to…

The interface should make the sample rate conversion. I think you are good.

why? and why does the module not do an internal samplerate conversion if for some reason it needs that?

It’s up to the dev. For example current version Ohmer percussion modules are still strictly 44.1khz

So far, I think you are correct!

Thanks to all of you who replied. My focusrite Scarlett seems to be handling the conversion just fine…