Enable/Disable module - Stoermelder 8FACE mk2 bug/design flaw/limitation?

The entire Stoermelder Pack One collection is amazingly useful.

However, I stumbled on some odd/unfortunate behavior with the Stoermelder 8FACE mk2 module.

You can bind it to a module, disable the module, and write a slot. If you re-enable the module and then activate that saved slot, then the module does indeed become disabled - very nice.

But if you also save a slot with the module enabled (not disabled), then the 8FACE mk2 is unable to re-enable the module. Once a module is disabled, 8FACE mk2 apparently loses the ability to control it.

I don’t know if this is a bug, or design flaw, or if it is limitation of how VCV Rack works. Ideally 8FACE mk2 should be able to enable and disable a module. If unable to enable, then I think it would be best if the ability to disable a module was removed from 8FACE mk2.

The original 8FACE does not have the ability to disable a module (or enable for that matter), which is fine.

On a related note, the STRIP module has the ability to enable/disable and/or randomize modules via CV. This is a very handy feature. But for me it is not ideal because you must make sure the controlled modules are isolated from any other modules, meaning you have to leave a gap between modules you want to control and those you don’t.

Is there another way to enable/disable via CV without the need for gaps?

Assuming there is not an existing method, I was thinking of possible ways to enhance existing Stoermelder modules to give CV control without the need for gaps.

  1. STRIP: Add a “Locked” mode that freezes the set of controlled modules. Once locked, then additional modules that are pushed against the set will be ignored. The Locked mode could be an additional mode added to the existing mode button, or it could be a context menu option.

  2. CV-MAP: Alter the parameter mapping functionality so that if you point to a module without pointing to a control, then it maps to either the disable context menu, or the randomize context menu option. If possible, a popup menu could give you the choice as to which you want, or CV-MAP could have a context menu option to configure which one is mapped when not pointing to a control. You could put the map marker in one of the corners of the module, Maybe upper left for disable, and upper right for randomize. Once mapped, many of the existing mapping options don’t apply. Perhaps alternate options could be presented, especially for enable/disable. You could specify whether it is gate controlled, and whether high is enabled or disabled. Or you could specify enable/disable is toggled by a trigger.

Regardless the outcome of my inquiry/suggestions - thanks for a great set of modules.