EMS Synthi AKS

Hello again, Happy New Year!

Here is my version of the EMS Synthi AKS, it consists of various modules:

The Keyboard module does not seem to do anything or connect to any modules, any idea how you connect that up? Thanks to Nysthi’s Trapezoid module I gained a lot of experience and achieved great sounds from the patch!! Not sure how close I have actually got to the hardware but any improvement suggestions are welcome.


Stream Adrian Bottomley | Listen to EMS Synthi AKS in VCV Rack-Space drifting playlist online for free on SoundCloud


EMS SYNthi AKS.vcv (10.5 KB)

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the VCV Library - NYSTHI VectorMixer

can easily simulate the joystick…

Thanks I had not thought of using that module. I will give it try out and see what difference it makes to the sounds produced. Much appreciated.

the joystick in the VCS3 (synthi) architecture, is just a tool for generating CV

via X - Y axes

you need a button to TRIG the trapezoid too

maybe you want a picture of my VCS3… :smiley:

Or maybe you could post the VCS3 to the UK so I could play around with it :laughing: The Trapezoids does seem to create some good delays to the sound. I like it. Would the Twelve keys from Impromptu work as a keyboard input /output? Thanks, I have plenty of pictures but one more wouldn’t go amiss.