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Hello !

After two rough years of recovering after a burnout that destroyed my whole life in late 2018, I’m finally back at producing. I’m an Ableton Live user at heart, and a musician since my young age.

I discovered VCV Rack a long time ago but never used it until a few weeks ago. I spend my time between Ableton Live, VCV Rack and Resolume Arena, and I will post here my A/V endeavours.

Since I succeeded today to make a functioning recording layout with OBS, here is the video of the tiny patch I had at hands while testing things. VCV modulates Resolume thru the External FFT feature.

My A/V production goals :

  • Modulating Resolume’s parameters with OSC modules into VCV
  • Using Ableton Live as a big OSC timeline for VCV & Resolume events via Max4Live
  • Releasing improvs with nice VCV patches
  • At some point, hopefully releasing a full length video featuring my musical & visual work, but I’m not there yet !

The following patch is quite simple, features an oscillating filter and some nice harmonics improved by Intruõ’s tanh[3] module (not on capture).

Thank you for reading, and feel free to add my socials :slight_smile:



Wow, the visuals… that’s very neat. I wish you well, music making can be very healing. Hope we get to see more.

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Thank you :slight_smile: Yes, it helps ^^


I didn’t use VCV for the last year, but since version 2 came back I decided to download it again. In 2021, ultimately I get bored with it because I was only reproducing what could be done in any DAW.

So this time, I decided to get rid of the clock and see what happens !

If you want to use the patch, it is a complete mess right now, I will upload a complete version of it when it’s done as well, but here is it anyway !

No Clock #01.vcv (22.2 KB)

List of modules (besides VCV basic modules) :

I won’t make visuals for VCV videos like in the last vid, it takes a lot of time to get right. But I’m diving into TouchDesigner and Resolume when I’m not on Ableton and VCV, so I’ll make A/V stuff at some point. I’m trying to put together some music and some visuals this year and eventually make a project and release stuff (I’d like to).

Thank you for reading !


This is great and so different. Soundtrack of my day today.

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Thanks, this means a lot

Back in the day I had the whole Autechre’s discography on repeat for months if not years but ended making music on a more conventional timeline somehow. Doing this is a heartfelft dose of 2009 for me, I’m glad it resonates in you

Initially I didn’t want to buy any premium module until I tried every single free one and have a pretty rack with modules I know to the letter.

But @Patheros made one module with an octopus. And another called Warp Drive. As a Lovecraft and sci-fi fanboy, I absolutely had to buy the pack !

Since there are some unwanted and repeating notes in the patch I won’t publish it on Youtube until I understand how to distribute tonal functions not randomly and to build tension at the right moment instead of praying RNGesus to give me the right note at the right time. I was afraid Warp Drive wouldn’t meet my expectations but this is now my favourite sound module alongside Noise Plethora.

So here is a simple 2 minutes Space Ambient patch featuring this module. I uploaded it on Twitter, sorry for 25Mb/s compression, but I didn’t want to wait to have a perfect patch, could take weeks

The patch : Patch - Warp Drive Activated.vcv (13.1 KB)

Modules :

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I’m absolutely flattered my panel design enticed you to purchase my modules and that Warp Drive is up there with Noise Plethora for you. If you want help with your patch or just want to chat about sci-fi, don’t hesitate to DM me.

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Sure ! Will do. Maybe I would have a few questions too about what some of the knobs do, for now it’s unclear, but I’ll go read the manual first

Finally, organizing notes in chords and clearing structure took me a day, so I completed the patch and made a song :

Have a nice day !


Quick video of my last night patch

Last time I tried to make Darkpsy it was not entirely possible because I need a phase-synced oscillator for the kick and the bass. Without it nothing is tight. But now with ShapeMaster, it’s still not perfect but I’m getting there. I still need to find a more viable solution, as the oscillator’s phase is still not perfectly synced.

This patch need a loooot of things to be complete, patterns, recalls, breaks, it will take some time to get there and frankly I don’t want to focus on dancefloor music now, it was more of a quickie for fun.

But when it’s more advanced I will publish a full video when it’s done.

I will make videos about it when I can settle, in a month or two at worst I should have my place and make me a proper desk, and retrieve my beloved mic, it’s way better to make videos this way


Hello, Negazul this patch how do you start it off. I opened and so far cannot get it started, am I missing something, the Rampages are see through, do they set everything off? Thanks for any advice.

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I began by the kick and the bass and it took me a while. I used ShapeMaster to draw the modulation I wanted for the pitch and the volume, routed to a MSM oscillator, both reset on beat. Then I threw a random background melody and did FM leads on top ; the Befaco doesn’t do much, I just use the cycle looping function to change the melody in one click. The drums besides the kick are Autodafe’s modules.

If you are interested by Darkpsy music I can send you links, you will need several tutorials. I’ll provide this patch at some point, when I can play more than a one minute loop with it !

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Thanks for your great info, Darkpsy sounds interesting, be good to find another genre of ‘Darkness’.

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I took back my old musician pseudo (other one was negazul)

Back to VCV !

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New stuff