Eliane Radigue (2012 - french documentary english subtitle, 15')

Éliane Radigue (born January 24, 1932) is a French electronic music composer. She began working in the 1950s and her first compositions were presented in the late 1960s. Until 2000 her work was almost exclusively created on a single synthesizer, the ARP 2500 modular system and tape. Since 2001 she has composed mainly for acoustic instruments (wikipedia)

Eliane Radigue

Extraordinaire :slightly_smiling_face:


I found myself smiling as she described her thought process. Her intimidation of seeing a Buchla for the first time – my same feeling when I look at the VCV browser. Trying out snippets of sound and throwing them out because they were boring. I did that last night, trying maybe 10 VCOs until I found the one that closest matched the sound in my head.