Ein Ständiger Lernprozess - Endless Learning Process

Hello Rackheadz! This patch uses a semi-self-learning random device to generate the sounds. I wanted to use the awesome QUINCUNX and DOPAMINE from Vult to see how it could work and I think it’s doing very fine! The workflow is pretty easy: basically I take the output from Quincunx and from Dopamine, I combine them in a AND logic gate and then negate the output with a NOT logic gate (all these for a number of reasons I am working on) The resulting output triggers a Bernoulli gate that randomly decide to instruct Dopamine if the sequence is good or not.

The goal of this patch is to make some sort of “tiny CPU” to teach Dopamine how to write sequence accordingly to a set of instructions defined with the outputs of the same modules and some logic gates.

Of course it has to be possible to make it “dislike” some sequence, write them or wipe them.

After all even the most powerful PC rely on logic gates so why not?

If you let run the patch for some time, you will notice how the sequence of the track called “DOPA” change quite a lot!

Let’s teach Dopamine some Music, shall we? :smiley:

Ein Ständiger Lernprozess